Book - Roland Penrose: The Friendly Surrealist

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Title Book - Roland Penrose: The Friendly Surrealist
Year 2020
Language English
Author Antony Penrose
Publisher Lee Miller Archives, ISBN:978 0953 23 8958
Format / Size Paperback 21cm x 14.5cm x 2.3cm
Description Touchingly written and edited by Roland Penrose’s son , this latest edition includes 50 extra illustrations mostly by Roland Penrose. This publication is a personal account of the life and work of Roland Penrose, a major promoter and collector of modern art and an associate of the surrealists in the United Kingdom. Antony Penrose, the author, describes in detail Roland Penrose (‘a surrealist in friendship’) The Friendly Surrealist’ is an apt description for the man who more than any other nurtured friendships and connections which introduced European Surrealism to the British art world. The book maintains an outstanding balance between scholarly expertise and the personal experience of Antony Penrose as the son of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose. Penrose’s personal approach engages the reader on many levels as he discusses how Roland Penrose embraced the fantasies and rebellions of the Surrealist movement through his friendships with artists such as Picasso, Man Ray, Miró, Ernst and Tàpies. His own works, which often reveal the true emotions behind his relationships with his wives, Valentine Boué and Lee Miller, constitute an important contribution to British Surrealist art. The book, originally published in 2001 by Prestel, is revised with many extra images included to capture the essence of the influences and art surrounding Roland Penrose. This book, is the fifth major self-publishing venture of the Lee Miller Archives, managed by Farley House and Gallery Ltd and is hoped to be a huge success.

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