Book - Grim Glory: Lee Miller's Britain at War

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Title Book - Grim Glory: Lee Miller's Britain at War
Artist Lee Miller
Language English
Author Ami Bouhassane
Publisher Lee Miller Archives, ISBN:978 0953 23 8965
Format / Size Paperback, 17.9cm x 14.5cm x 0.9cm
Description Arriving in Britain just as war was declared Lee Miller, an American with no permit to work, used her camera as her principle means of combat during World War II. Before Lee Miller left Britain to report in Europe she covered the Blitz, civilians braving the destruction around them and their contributions to the war effort as well as wartime fashion, camouflage and the women in the armed forces on the home front. This book curated by the Lee Miller Archives contains 75 images, of which 50 are full page, selected from Lee Miller’s photography in Britain during the war with an essay by Ami Bouhassane.

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