Women accused of being Nazi collaborators

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Title Women accused of being Nazi collaborators
Artist Lee Miller
Year 1944
Town/City Rennes
Country France
Format Vintage
Description ‘Later, I saw four girls being paraded down the street and raced ahead of them to get a picture. In that I then leading the parade, the population thought a femme soldat had captured them or something, and I was kissed and congratulated while the victims were spat on and slapped.’ This photograph captures a French woman spitting in the face of one of the accused collaborators. Lee’s experience of the Rennes head shavings was very different from the accused; her war correspondent uniform resulted in the crowd misunderstanding her objective; they believed Lee had discovered and handed in the accused to the tondeurs. Lee was congratulated and thanked whilst the young girls were publicly humiliated and verbally physically attacked. The crowd, however, did not know that Lee disagreed with the gendered punishment as she believed that the treatment was unjust, and the sisters were just ‘stupid little girls.’

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